Stokehouse Recipe: Port Phillip Bay snapper crudo, burnt citrus fennel

Stokehouse Recipe: Port Phillip Bay snapper crudo, burnt citrus fennel

If you’re after a culinary ace up your sleeve, Jason Staudt, Executive Chef at St. Kilda’s Stokehouse has got you covered, sharing one of his favourite recipes.

Port Phillip bay snapper crudo, burnt citrus fennel.

Serves: four


When buying raw fish ensure you are buying the freshest possible. A few things to look out for especially with snapper is bright red blood lines (see photo), clear eyes and no abrasions on skin.


45g Burnt lemon segments

150g Burnt orange segments

45g Burnt lemonade fruit segments (Optional)

40mL Grape seed oil

10mL Lime juice (Fresh squeezed)

8mL Onion soy sauce (normal soy ok in unavailable)

80g Orange juice (Fresh squeezed) Juice from pith’s

3-4g Salt

6mL Rice wine vinegar

Burnt citrus dressing

  1. Burn the outside of the citrus until lightly blackened, but not white burn – on either a wood grill or cast-iron pan
  2. Once citrus is cool, cut off skin and into segments 1cm – 2cm big. Squeeze the pith so all the liquid comes out.
  1. Combine the rest of ingredients for dressing
  2. Store in airtight container
  3. 5 day shelf life

250G Snapper fillet

25mL GOOD olive oil – I’m loving Luke Lambert Wines EVO right now – Perfect for Crudo

Flake salt for seasoning

Fennel pollen (Optional)

Bronze fennel or Fennel fronds

  1. Using a sharp knife remove the skin from the snapper, slice into nice thin slices spreading on a platter or plate. Season the fish lightly with olive oil and salt.
  2. In between the slices place the segments and dressing still showing off the colours of the fish.
  3. Finish with fennel pollen and fennel fronds.
  4. Serve immediately.


Snapper crudo

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