Meet the Ambassador: Masterchef Harry Foster

Meet the Ambassador: Masterchef Harry Foster

Harry Foster should have died a long time ago.

Growing up in the small coastal town of Rollingstone in Queensland, north of the Tropic of Capricorn, he would spend a lot of time swimming in the waters regularly populated by saltwater crocodiles. He says, laughing and shaking his head at the folly of his youth, “Now that I think back to it, I could have died at any point!”

Yet, his early hands-on engagement with the ocean and the creatures that live in it has forever shaped Harry and his life. “My childhood was basically the ocean; swimming, snorkelling, getting around on the boat,” he explains. “Then I started spearfishing off the shoal when I was thirteen or fourteen, and I’d bring home some of the most beautiful coral trout, crayfish and sweetlip. I figured that I should learn how to cook it properly.”

This early education would prove to be foundational for Harry. On a whim, he entered Masterchef in 2016. “It was a running joke between me and my mate. I said “I could do that!” And then I got accepted and I actually had to make good on that. I ended up going pretty far.”


Harry Foster



Typically modest, Harry ended up coming third, becoming a fan favourite in the process as viewers warmed to his easy going and laconic manner. But more than that, his effortless skill as a seafood chef captured the attention of the nation. He has a passion for the ocean, seafood and sustainability, which is why we are proud to announce him as the newest ambassador for OneFishTwoFish.

“Seafood sustainability has always deeply interested me. I worked on a barramundi netting boat as a seventeen year old. It felt pretty wasteful,” he says. “There was always some excess stuff picked up in the nets, and I couldn’t help but feel like we could do better on that front.”

This experience has fuelled Harry’s desire to be a force for good in the world of sustainability. “I have a pretty deep understanding of the seafood industry and how bad it can get if we don't focus on sustainability,” he says. “I want to take my knowledge and experience and do something to help. That’s why I connected with Seafood Positive. Their focus on linking ocean sustainability to what’s on your plate makes total sense.”

Seafood Positive is proud to welcome Harry to the family, as he roams up and down the country perfecting his craft and savouring the ocean. He is currently based in Tweed, has lived for five years in Hobart, and has time on the islands off the Great Barrier Reef. “I would recommend Wilson and Heron Islands. They are about two and a half hours from Gladstone, and they are 100% my top recommendation for snorkelling and sea life.”

Find out more about Harry’s travels and cooking at his website at

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